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10 things you like

- That moment when the plane takes off and I'm off to some new, exciting place.
- When my boyfriend hugs and kisses me when we see each other after the week.
- When a stranger smiles at me.
- Having a girls' night in. Gossip Girl, chocolate fondue and talking about everything. < 3
- The feeling after I've been working out and then sitting in the sauna afterwards. Feels soooo tired but at the same time amazingly relaxed.
- To wear beautiful clothes, obviously. :)
- When it's again so warm outside that you don't need to wear a jacket.
- Eating a perfect avocado, with some pepper on it.
- To read a good book / to see an exhibition that makes me think about some things in a new way.
- Sunshine, it makes everything better!

9 things you don't like

- When somebody expects me to do things in a certain way just because I'm a woman / I study art / whatever. I hate that kind of thinking.
- Snow in March.
- Anxiety.
- To walk home alone in the night. I'm seriously afraid that someone will shoot me.
- Fighting.
- To put on a wet bathing suit.
- Unfriendlyness (is that a real word? :D)
- Sunbathing. It's so boring! :) I love to walk around the beach instead, go swimming and so on. :)
- Touchscreens. We don't get along very well...

8 blogs you read

I read maaaany blogs, but here are the ones I've been checking lately:
Kaikki mitä rakastin
Esme and the laneway
Dearest Deer
Oi ihana turhamaisuus!
Elsa Billgren

7 things you want to do in the future

- Live abroad for a while again. Maybe in New York this time. :)
- Get an interesting job.
- Get a cat!
- See Macchu Picchu and Angor Wat.
- Live happily ever after with my boyfriend.
- Learn to dance.
- Learn new languages.

6 things you're scared of

- Growing up.
- Being jealous.
- Centipedes. And cockroaches. Ewwwww.
- In the night when I'm walking in a quiet street and it feels that someone is following me.
- That I'll lose my friends or family somehow.
- Violence.

5 places you like to be in

- By the sea.
- St Germain in Paris. I used to live in the neighbourhood.
- Almost anywhere in New York. < 3
- In a museum seeing a good exhibition.
-At home with my boyfriend or my friends. I love spending time at home, too! I guess it's very important for me to have some place I can call my home, wherever I am.

4 words you would describe yourself with

- Curious.
- Ambitious.
- Happy.
- Musical.

3 things you look forward to

- Our holiday in Côte d'Azur! Soon soon soon!!!
- Summer. It's the greatest time in Finland!
- My new job this summer! So excited!

2 good films

Moulin Rouge. It's a classic. And Marie Antoinette, it's like candy.

1 great song


All photos by me.

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